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What to Expect During a Mortgage Pre-Approval

Does the term "mortgage pre-approval" cause you to sweat with anxiety? That's okay! Often, prospective homebuyers hear the term "pre-approval" tossed around, but they aren't quite sure what it means. All they know is that it sounds intimidating.

Simply put, a mortgage pre-approval is a letter from your lender saying that they've approved you for a loan up to a certain amount. You can then use this letter as you shop around for houses. (Sellers sometimes like to see proof that you can afford their home.)

I can't promise you the pre-approval process is fun, but it doesn't have to be stressful or terrifying. Once you understand the steps involved, you can efficiently gather all the documents you need, fill out the application, and send it to your lender.

Read all about what to expect during a mortgage pre-approval in today's blog!

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