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Times are a Changing - Spencer's Crossing Facility Updates

Hi Spencer's Crossing!

Times are a changing and it appears that Spencer's Crossing amenities are opening back up!

The Oasis pool is back open for first come first serve use! They are allowing up to 80 people at a time and you may go and use it for up to 1 hour and 45 minutes at a time.

The playground at Victory Park is also available for play. It's amazing that we can now take our kids and selves to run around at the park and pool to get some quarantine crazies out!

Speaking of quarantine crazies, we are doing a wine raffle for the month of September. For everyone who subscribes to this site,, they will be entered into our raffle for a bottle of Bottaia wine! Bottaia is one of the newest wineries near Spencer's Crossing in Temecula Wine Country.

We are members at Bottaia Winery and wanted to share some of our loot! We will be raffling off three bottles of their delicious harvest.

There are 10 days left to win! Spread the word and stay sane this September! With each day that passes we are one step closer to "normal". Have a great day!

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