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Spencer's Crossing is Feeding San Diego

Although we live in Spencer's Crossing, part of our real estate team is located in San Diego where my husband Josh and I grew up. We still run and oversee that part of our business and help many people who are moving back and forth. All this to say, although Spencer's Crossing is our home, San Diego will also always have our hearts.

In Real Estate, we come across opportunities to stretch beyond our role as agents. This year has been especially challenging for many of our clients due to the Coronavirus epidemic. 

We are finding that this extended, unexpected job loss has caused many San Diegans to become hungry. At Compass, we are committed to being solutions driven and obsess about opportunities to do so. 

This September, Team Foote and our brokerage, Compass, are partnering with Feeding San Diego to raise awareness to this hunger issue in San Diego and to bring in funding to feed families. 

Please visit our website, to learn more about our efforts and to donate today. 

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