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Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween in So Cal During COVID-19

For many kids, Halloween is their favorite holiday of the year. And can you blame them? It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up as your favorite character and get free candy!

But with the pandemic still in full swing and COVID-19 restrictions in place, is Halloween canceled this year? Definitely not! There are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween this month that are fun and safe, especially in the Temecula Valley.

Celebrate Halloween Safely at Family-Friendly Temecula Valley Events

Peltzer Pumpkin Farm

Peltzer’s Pumpkin Farm is going on this month, featuring socially -distanced petting farm, pony rides, gem panning , train rides, and John Deere mini tractor rides! And... you can also visit the Crush House to grab a glass of vino, or visit food truck alley to grab a bite to eat.

Your kids are bound to have a blast at this scene—and stay safe while doing so. Don’t forget that they have a Pumpkin Pass that helps you to save!

From October 23 through November 1, you and your kids can wander through a one-way, Halloween-themed pumpkin patch at Petco Park.

The trail is perfect for maintaining social distance as you travel from booth to booth, collecting candy and prizes (via contactless delivery) while playing spooky games. Once you’re done going through the trail, your family can enjoy food for purchase and a fun Halloween movie while sitting a safe distance from other families.

The event will run every day at scheduled time slots, with each slot allowing a maximum of 75 people to allow for social distancing.

October Extravaganza

Join Rancho Community Church for a little bit different but super fun October Extravaganza this year! This year they are doing a drive-thru style party. They’ll be open from 6-8pm on October 31st for a safe, no-touch, drive-thru Halloween and candy-fest! You can bring your whole family, dressed up, in your cars and tune into a special radio station that will guide you through all the fun.

If you want your child to enjoy Halloween and learn some cool science facts along the way, this event is perfect for your family.

This year’s Haunted Aquarium Remix contains just as much fun as previous years’ events—but with some extra health precautions. Kids aged 2 to 10 are encouraged to participate by dressing up and using their Discovery Book to record their self-guided journey through the aquarium’s activities.

Kids even get to touch spooky plants and sea creatures like small sharks, gooey seaweed, and Sea Spiders!

San Diego’s Scream Zone is taking its scare-fest to the streets until October 31 with Drive-Thru Scream Zone. In order to comply with California’s COVID-19 precautions, guests will experience the terror of Scream Zone while in their cars.

Don’t worry—it will still be just as scary. Get ready for killer clowns, serial murderers, zombies, and monsters!

Come dressed up as your favorite character at the LEGOLAND® California Resort. Miniland U.S.A. is offering a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt this year, along with special costume character appearances, and delicious fall-themed treats.

As long as your costume has a face covering, you can enjoy the festive activities each weekend (Friday through Sunday) until October 31.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

If you don’t want to risk going to public events this year, there are still some fun ways to celebrate Halloween that are low-risk.

For instance, there are hundreds of fun and creative ways to carve or decorate pumpkins with your family. You can also carve pumpkins with friends outside, but the CDC recommends staying 6 feet apart for that.

Decorating your house and yard is another low-risk activity that’s fun to do for the whole family. HGTV has over 100 decoration ideas that are sure to give you some scary inspiration!

You can also take it up a notch by creating an indoor Halloween scavenger hunt for your kids. Set up scary decorations around the house and a list of certain items your kids need to find. The first one to find them all gets a prize.

Or, you can make sure to have a family party with a Halloween movie, and make these healthy Boolicious Snacks from Kids Baking Club!

Quick Tips for Staying Safe During Trick-or-Treating

If you and your kids want to go trick-or-treating this year, there are several things to do to make it more COVID-friendly.

First of all, if you’re wanting to hand out candy to kids in your neighborhood, avoid passing it to them by hand or placing candy in a communal bowl. Both those options make it easy to transfer germs and viruses.

Instead, put several pieces of candy in small bags and lay them out on a table outside your home. Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before making the bags of candy.

When you and your kids go out trick-or-treating, it’s a good idea to wear a mask. You can make this fun by choosing a mask that adds to your Halloween costume. Check out these creative examples, including a Crayola crayon mask, animal masks, a Jack O’ Lantern mask, and more!

Happy Halloween From Team Foote

As you can see, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate Halloween this year in the Temecula Valley and beyond that are totally safe for you and your family.

So Happy Halloween from Team Foote! We hope you and your family enjoy the spooky festivities and all the fun Temecula Valley has to offer. Stay tuned for our Annual Halloween Coloring Contest Announcement tomorrow!

Thinking of moving to the Spencer's Crossing Community, Temecula Valley or Southern California? Team Foote would love to help you find the perfect home! Let's chat about what you're looking for.

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