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It's Pumpkin Time!

It's that time of year... Pumpkin Season! I have been really into the pumpkin treats at Trader Joe's and have been having the occasional Pumpkin Spice Latte! How about you? I know pumpkin love can separate some, so I digress...

There are many new families and faces here in Spencer's Crossing as many new homes have been built since last year! Also, since the pandemic, some of the patches that we are used to are not in operation. Here are the three best local pumpkin patches that are operating this year that would be fun to visit as we celebrate the fall + the upcoming Halloween holiday!

  1. Peltzer Pumpkin Farm - This pumpkin patch is a lot of fun! And...they have food trucks, wine tasting, pig + tractor races, panning for gems and more! This is a local favorite and there is a lot to do! To visit the patch, here is the address: 39925 Calle Contento, Temecula, CA 92591

  2. The Wickerd Farm Pumpkin Patch - This pumpkin patch is just north of Spencer's Crossing on Scott Road. They have a large variety of pumpkin types, a shop where you can buy pumpkin carving tools, bales of hay + shocks of corn for decorating. They also have a Butterfly Garden! It is a rustic, farm like setting.

  3. Murrieta Hot Springs Pumpkin Patch - This is a simple + straightforward pumpkin patch that is between the I-15 + I-215 freeways! It's close to Spencer's Crossing and is easy to get in and out!

I hope you find this guide to be helpful! Comment on which one you chose to visit! Happy Fall + Happy Halloween!

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