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5 Steps to a Kid-Friendly and Stunning Home

I’ve heard the story so many times. A couple buys a gorgeous house. It’s stylish, modern, gorgeous—they couldn’t be happier.

Then come the kids.

After five years, they hardly recognize the beautiful, spacious home they originally bought. Instead of pristine couches, they see stained lumps of fabric covered in dog hair. And instead of that lovely cashmere carpet, they find an endless mountain of toys and diapers.

If that sounds like your house, I promise I’m not judging you! Quite the opposite. Kids are an amazing blessing in any home! But that doesn’t mean you don’t miss the stylish quality your home once had. I want you to know that there are things you can do to make your home more kid-friendly without sacrificing the beauty you crave.

I’ve got a few tips for you today that I think will help you see your home with new eyes.

But first, I have to tell you…

Be Realistic Maybe you love the crisp, white look that’s popular today. I can’t blame you—it’s a stunning style! But if you live with kids, you might want to consider more durable choices. For instance, natural fiber furniture in neutral colors will hide stains better than a white sofa. And speaking of sofas, find one with removable cushion covers that you can easily pop in the wash if your child decides to smear it with peanut butter. (Which they will…)

Trade glass vases and frames with wood or stone accent pieces. Accidents happen, and you don’t want your kid covered in glass if they accidentally knock over your favorite vase.

Less Is More Consider getting rid of some unneeded furniture and decorative pieces to make more space. Uncrowded spots throughout the home give your kids more room for their mind-boggling energy. If crowded, messy rooms tend to stress you out, then decluttering will help you breathe a little bit easier each day.

More space also gives your kids room to play. The little ones might not like this idea, but consider getting rid of some of the toys they don’t play with often. Fewer toys mean less mess when they’re strewn across the house.

Double-Duty Furniture Find pieces that can serve multiple uses. Look for stylish bins or hidden storage units that are sturdy enough to serve as stools or coffee tables.

Ottomans are a lifesaver when unexpected guests arrive—just dump the toys in there when you hear the doorbell!

Create a Play Station Your kids might need a special place to play or they’ll go crazy everywhere, even if you just cleaned the house.

If you can, reserve one room to serve as the kids’ play station, such as an extra bedroom or a cozy attic. Keep larger play sets and toys there and help the kids make it a special place just for them. This will help keep some of the toy clutter contained to one area of the home.

House Rules If you want to tame some of that chaos, you’ll need to develop some simple rules and keep them. A good house rule might be that the kids have to gather toys into storage units each evening before dinner. Another might be that they need to put toys away before they go off and do a different activity. Cleaning things up a bit at a time makes it less overwhelming.

The best advice I can give you, though—as a realtor and a mom—is to strive for a livable home. A picture-perfect home with kids might be a pipe dream, but the few simple steps I laid out for you can help you make your home both beautiful and kid-friendly!

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